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DG Restyle Service

Are you a private citizen and would you like to get a dent or other damage to your car removed? At DG Restyle Service, you are more than welcome. Our coffee will be freshly served.

DG Restyle service was established in 2007 by Dennis Gezel. Dennis has been working passionately as a car painter for years. Next to that, he has another passion: removing dents perfectly. He uses the method of ‘dent removal without painting’. Dennis is a certified dent repairer and has gained a lot of experience over the years. Dennis Gezel on his passion: “"I can rightly call myself a 'restyle specialist’. Due to the lesser costs, the dent removal without painting method is quickly becoming more popular.” The staff of DG Restyle Service deliver quality work. “We receive many orders from large car damage repair companies."


  • Rapidly deployable
  • Cheap damage repair
  • Coffee will be ready




Parking damage

One of the biggest annoyances ever? You are walking toward your parked car and you notice there is damage. But rest assured, parking damage can be fairly easily repaired by DG Restyle Service. Our ‘dent removal without painting’ method will ensure low costs. Almost all light parking damage can be repaired by us. We would love to come over and make an inventory of the damage. We will quickly see what can be done to fix the damage. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Dent removal without painting

When there is a hail storm, your car can also get serious damage. That damage can get repaired as well, for the full 100 percent. We will take care of it with our dent removal without painting method. Does your car have hail or acorn damage? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you a clear explanation of how we will repair the damage. You could also go to our website for more information.

When to remove dents without painting?

  • The dent may not be bigger than a tennis ball;
  • The paintwork may not be damaged;
  • The dent may not be too sharp;
  • The dent has to be in reach;
  • The dent has to be at least two fingers away from the edge of the car;
  • The plate has to be flexible enough.



€ 35,-



€ 40,-



€ 75,-

Working method


In the first phase, we will discuss the damage. We will have a look at the possibilities of repair.


On the basis of that estimation, we will send you a fitting offer.


We will professionally repair the damage.


After completion, you can safely pay.

Offerte aanvraag